17 Amazing Ways to Boost Company Morale

Nobody ever said running a business was easy. And surely, nobody has ever said that maintaining company morale among your employees is any easier. There are inevitably differences of opinion and some people just can't always be pleased for that matter.

But, what if we told you that there are ways to improve employee productivity and even keep your employees happy while they work?

Keep reading for the most reliable tips we could source that will help you define a positive structure in your company.


How to Boost Company Morale in 17 Simple Steps

In a nutshell, keeping your employees happy boils down to the work environment, proper management practices, and overall satisfaction with workloads. Let's take a look at how successful businesses run their teams and retain employees based on the level of enjoyment those employees find in their daily grind.


1. Team Building Exercises

One of the most common business tips you'll find in this realm of research regarding your company is to craft team-building exercises that will inspire and motivate your employees.

Have a Q & A session once per week or craft clever games that are inclusive to implement room for suggestions and feedback.


2. Manager and Staff Training

You can never go wrong with additional training for your staff, but did you know that your managers often need additional training as well?

Allow employees to provide manager tips about how they can be the best supportive leaders in your industry.


3. Employee Reimbursement Programs

Professional development and tuition reimbursement goes a long way, especially for the young recruits on your staff. Not only will your employees gain more knowledge and skills that they can bring to work but they'll feel better doing it with a little help in their pocketbooks.


4. Encourage Breaks

You may not realize it but the workload your employees carry might often lead them to skip breaks, especially lunches, to make sure they are completing tasks. After all, they don't want to get fired for not getting it done.

Encourage breaks and lunches and make sure your staff doesn't feel so burdened that they can't step away and get some fresh air throughout the day.


5. Provide Plenty of Vacation Options

Speaking of getting away, make sure your employees feel comfortable taking a vacation and provide them with enough vacation days to actually get a break from work.

One week per year is not enough. Two weeks isn't bad but three weeks is a fair amount of time to allow your employees to rejuvenate outside the workplace.


6. Provide Bonus Structures

While you're structuring vacation time, consider implementing a bonus structure of some kind that can incentivize your employees to go the extra mile when they are at work. This works well in sales environments but there are other productivity bonuses you can create, too.


7. Provide Wellness and Benefits Options

A good benefits package is only as good as your company's wellness perspectives. Consider including gym memberships or spa treatments as part of a well-rounded benefits package.


8. Develop Promotion Opportunities

Employees are often looking for ways to improve and earn more, even if that means taking on extra work. Make sure you have a strong promotion plan developed for those that wish to grow within the company. It's also a good way to retain loyal employees.


9. Be Lenient When the Weather is Bad

We've all had days when it's difficult to get to work because the weather is not permitting. Whether it be a hurricane, snowstorm, or even triple-digit temperatures, allow time off (paid) for inclement weather and corresponding issues your employees may face on those days.


10. Provide Remote Work Options

Not everybody loves the camaraderie that comes with working side by side with co-workers. Some people are even more efficient when working on their own in isolation of some kind. Consider allowing your employees remote work options, even if only part-time or for special projects.


11. Celebrate!

Work anniversaries, birthdays, births, and other personal and professional milestones that go unnoticed can lead to employees feeling like just another number on the payroll. Be sure to celebrate your employees and their lifetime achievements, work-related and otherwise.


12. Employee Recognition

When someone does something outstanding or even just above average, you should take notice and do something about it. A simple gift card to recognize an employee that has gone the extra mile for some task will be remembered for a long time to come.


13. Create a Safe, Sound, Comfortable Work Environment

Let's face it, not everybody is quite nice. But, that doesn't mean they deserve a place in your business if they're bringing morale down among your other employees. Let go of those that exude negativity or spread gossip.


14. Incorporate a Bring Your Family to Work Day

People love showing off their families and for some employees, their work family is the next most important aspect of their life. So, why not allow them to bring their family to work to share with their other family? It not only boosts morale but helps create friendships that can last a lifetime beyond the workplace atmosphere that gives employees something to share with their co-workers.


15. Nix the Emails

As a business owner/manager, you need to get the word out to a lot of people all at once which is why email is so convenient. But, sending too many emails in a day or week can cause employees to miss key points that are being made. Instead, create a Slack channel where announcements will be seen and heard.


16. Communication is Key

While you're saving the emails, don't forget to actually talk to your employees. Take a trip around the office a few times per month and find out what they're doing and let them know in person what your expectations are.


17. Ask for Feedback

While you're doling out expectations, however, don't forget to find out what your employees need from you as well. Ask them in person but also keep an open-door policy where employees can provide feedback and ask questions on the regular.


You Can Boost Employee Morale

Company morale is not something that will happen on its own or overnight. It takes serious dedication and motivation from management to induce positivity in the workplace.

You've got this! Keep these tips in mind as you mingle with your employees and implement structures for the office or shop that will keep everyone smiling.

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