7 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

If your business is having difficulty retaining existing customers or attracting new ones, you may need to rethink your marketing techniques. In today’s world, business and marketing go hand in hand. Having a good grip on creative marketing can help you succeed in any business.

A decent product can outdo an amazing product with effective marketing. Without a unique marketing strategy, your target audience might find it difficult to understand the vision and mission.

The good news is that there are tons of marketing ideas out there that can help your businesses grow. So, here are some of the top creative marketing ideas that can boost your business both in reach and sales.


1. Create a Brand and Logo

The ultimate goal of most companies is widespread recognition. Your brand needs to inspire credibility and encourage others to talk good about you. From the start, you want to create a solid brand you can build on.

Start by taking inventory of what defines your business. What is the unique value proposition and personality? Then you can start working on the visuals of your brand.

Hiring a designer might be a bit expensive but worth it once you're generating revenue. Thankfully, there are numerous affordable design services online that can create custom logos for your brand.


2. Create Targeted Communication

This is one of the most creative advertising methods. If you run an e-commerce website, you should consider creating email templates targeting data from your online store.

For example, you may collect data from visitors who add an item to the shopping cart. Then, you can send them emails with a discount to entice them into completing an abandoned transaction.

Shopping carts are often abandoned by customers because of several reasons like a customer hesitating to complete a transaction. They may abandon the cart if they suddenly get occupied with something else and forget to finish the transaction. This is where targeted emails come in to convince customers to go back and buy the products they left in the shopping carts.


3. Provide Engaging Content

Providing engaging content is critical when it comes to marketing. Nowadays, more and more consumers are rejecting the various forms of passive information. With traditional ad content failing to produce the expected results, it makes sense opting for engaging content.

Create compelling content that directly relates to the problems your audience may have. It’s also a good idea to publish relevant content that somehow blends in with other content from top websites and social media platforms.

Keep in mind that the basic rule of innovative promotion via content is providing high-quality content that captures the attention of your audience and inspires them to engage with your business.


4. Host Contests and Giveaways

Contests are great for various reasons. They are easy to create and also provide hosts with user-generated content that they can use for other creative advertising methods. Make sure your contest is shareable and interesting because the more users know about your contest, the better for your business.

Contest marketing ideas include photo contests, video contests, caption contests, submit your vote contests, and sweepstakes. Voting contests are renowned for going viral and can make your social media content to be shared widely. Other great ideas include users providing photos of themselves enjoying a brand’s product, or you may provide a photo for users to submit their own captions.

People like free stuff with the ones who really love them often frequenting deal sites and forums. Focus more on how you’re getting folks to participate and less on what you’re giving away.

You can increase engagement and earn more revenue by consistently running giveaways and low-cost items. Don’t forget to make it simple like offering an entry in exchange for a user inviting a friend to like your page. This will make it less intimidating and confusing for participants.


5. Create Attractive Visuals

Visuals are one of the most crucial elements of content marketing. Create original visuals that resonate well with the message of your brand. Innovative and engaging images sometimes speak more than words and all help connect clients to your company’s value proposition.

Most social media addicts and digital natives spend a lot of their time on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These users might come across your posts with attractive images and share them with friends and colleagues.

To stand out in the crowd, you should consider creating lots of infographics memes that provide users with valuable insights and entertainment that pull them deeper into your content.


6. Form a Local Partnership

Make it a habit to always network with local business owners. Partnering can be an effective way to establish yourself as credible because of the good reputation of your partners. First, learn about your partners’ mission, core values, and customer base, as well as their products and services.

If you’re targeting a small demographic and the businesses complement yours, partnerships might be worth your consideration. You can ask them to come up with innovative marketing campaigns to promote each other’s business.


7. Hosting Events and Experiential Marketing

While hosting events isn’t the most creative marketing strategy on this list, they can pay off in spades. Events and experiential marketing are more or less like creative on-street promos.

You want your main focus to be on the purpose of the event and what you provide the attendees. Also, consider how to maintain the attention on your brand and how to pull the crowd via content creation.

Events can boost brand awareness or simply support a new product launch. They can be small scale and encompass things like onsite-contests or large with appearances from famous influencers. Businesses looking to create a buzz in a particular area or those with large marketing budgets can host events that leave a lasting experience.


Use Creative Marketing for Your Business

Growing your business and outperforming the competition can be difficult without some serious creative marketing efforts. With the right marketing efforts, you’ll likely attract new clients, retain existing ones, and keep your profits at a healthy level.

You can use some of the strategies listed above and add to your outside the box marketing ideas to create something that truly resonates with your audience. For more tips on unique ideas that can be profitable for your business, check out this article.