7 Creative Office Environments and Layout Tips for Productivity

Have you noticed a steady decline in productivity levels and morale at the office? Are you wondering how you can help your employees and improve both of these? As a business owner, you're always looking for new ways to stay on top of the latest trends and beat the competition. 

Although there are a few things you can do alone, there are many more ways to boost business when the entire team comes together. One way to get the ball rolling in the right direction is to make a change in the office for the better. Working in creative office environments where employees are treated like human begins and their concerns are met helps employees stay productive.

They'll also enjoy coming to work when there's creativity in the office environment. Are you ready to start brainstorming some awesome creative office layouts? 

In the guide below, you'll learn about several ways you can begin creating effective office environments your employees will love. Continue reading to find out more!

1. Provide Options

Not everyone works well in the same type of environment. This is why your office should offer employees a few different options. If an employee doesn't feel comfortable working in a certain type of environment, then this could negatively affect their productivity. 

To ensure there's a working space for every employee's needs, you should consider creating open workspaces and private workspaces. For example, some employees will enjoy socializing, listening to music, and watching others work while they get their own work down. Others would rather seclude themselves in a quiet office where they can be alone to focus solely on the work tasks. 

Both options can boost productivity levels in different types of workers. 

2. Improve Ergonomics 

When you're forced to sit at the same desk in the same chair all day long, it can become difficult to concentrate on getting work done. The mind slowly slips away from the task at hand and ventures off, placing focus on pain in the back, neck, or shoulders. Improve ergonomics in the workplace in several different ways. 

For starters, you should purchase ergonomic chairs and desks for each workstation. You should also provide standing desks and ergonomic foot mats for comfort. Bean bags, coffee tables, and medicine balls are all other wonderful ways to improve the ergonomics at your office. 

3. Let in the Light

Did you know that natural light can boost mood? That's right! The more natural light your office has, the more positive your workers will be. 

Rather than concealing windows with curtains and blinds, open them up, and let the light come flowing in. If the light becomes too much, your employees can always close a blind when needed. An office with large windows and a great view is also a good way to boost morale. 

If the current office doesn't have these things, then you should consider finding a new office space as part of your five-year plan.

4. Decorate With Bright Colors

Colors have an effect on mood as well. You should be sure to paint with mood-boosting colors when designing your office. Some colors will boost energy while others promote relaxation. 

Light blue is a great choice for rooms in the office where you want your employees to remain focused and on task. This might work well in the meeting room, for example. Orange and green have the same effect. 

When you want to spark creativity in your employees, you should surround them with shades of yellow or red. Not only can you do this with paint, but you can also do this by purchasing color desks, chairs, wall art, and more!

5. Build a Welcoming Meeting Space

If you're having a formal meeting, then a long simple table in a plain room works well. When you want a meeting space to evoke creativity, brainstorming sessions, and encourage people to move around or communicate with one another, the meeting space needs to be inviting. 

To do this, you can have a whiteboard wall and a chalkboard wall. You can have a jar with motivational quotes to get them in the right mindset. You can also have a jar for people to leave concerns or new ideas inside if they're not comfortable speaking in front of the group yet. Make it a comfortable and welcoming space, and your employees will feel more inclined to participate. 

6. Allow Personal Items 

Everyone has something back at home they love. Whether it's a pet, family member, or a stuffed toy, there's something that brings them happiness when not at work. Allow your employees to bring in a few personal items from their home to help make their desk or office space feel more personal and comforting. 

Being able to look up and see a picture of their pup can help boost their morale when working a 10-hour shift. If it helps keep them going, then let them bring it in. 

7. Take Advice From Employees

When all else fails, the best people to turn to for advice are your employees themselves. They know what they want and need to stay productive more than anyone else. Ask their advice?

What ideas do they have for how you can improve productivity and company morale? Giving them a voice in the matter makes them feel heard and feel like they're an important part of the company. Bring everyone together and have them come up with a few different ideas you can try. 

How Will You Build Creative Office Environments?

How can you begin to build creative office environments for your employees? Be sure to use the tips listed above as a starting point, and don't forget to talk to your employees and see where their minds are at on the matter as well. 

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