7 Digital Marketing Trends Every Small Business Should Know

It's no surprise one of the top activities of today's consumers is scrolling social media

Because everyone has a smartphone and/or laptop, digital marketing strategies are crucial to the success of a business. Businesses everywhere are using the power of social media, Google ads, and custom websites. 

Not only should you be investing in digital marketing for your company, but you should also be researching current trends to understand how to appeal to consumers. Catch their eyes to sell your products. 

Below are 7 digital marketing trends of 2021 to use as inspiration for your marketing strategy. It's time to get the creative juices flowing!


1. Live Streaming

Chatting with customers in real-time is becoming increasingly popular, especially on platforms such as Instagram. The idea sounds intimidating for many at first, but you'll get the hang of it. 

Live streams are great ways to show how to use your products or introduce key figures within your company. Some companies are even paying social media influencers to use their products on a live stream. 

On top of showing off products and services, use live streams to answer fun questions or play trivia games with your customers. Ask a question, and read the answers in the live comment section. 


2. Bite-Sized Content

Your company's advertising strategy should adjust to how consumers digest online material within each current time period. Consumers enjoy quick, bite-sized content due to the overflow of digital information in this day and age. 

Bite-sized media looks like shareable infographics, 15-second Instagram Reels, podcasts, or Facebook posts. Readers should gather the information they need about a certain product within 30 seconds or so of seeing your post. 

If they want in-depth information, create a call-to-action leading them to your website or newsletter.


3. Relatable Posts and Behind-the-Scenes Content

When creating a marketing strategy, include relatable content, and a sneak peek into your operations. Consumers like being able to put themselves in your shoes. It makes their purchases more personal. 

Develop relatable content by first deciding what your ideal consumer looks like. What demographic are you aiming at most?

Research how most people in this demographic live their lives. What activities do they enjoy? Do they have families or pets?

Create content that strikes emotion by relating to your consumers' lives. For example, if you're advertising a new coffee drink, show consumers how a sip of your coffee will give them the boost they need for their long day of family activities or a few hours in the office.

As far as behind-the-scenes content, consumers enjoy seeing the personable side of every company. They enjoy knowing how the business came to be, the interesting stories of the owners, and the goofy senses of humor of the employees. 


4. User-Generated Content

Another way to get personal in your online marketing is by posting user-generated content (UGC). This is content created by your customers, not your company. 

UGC includes product and service reviews, pictures of consumers enjoying your products, and customer answers to top company polls. Potential customers need to know other customers enjoy your products before they spend their money. 

Showcase raving reviews on your website, and offer to interview loyal customers for an upcoming video. You can even create a unique hashtag that consumers can use on social media. 

Not only does UGC increase relatability, but it also shows you care about feedback. If someone leaves negative feedback, thank them for their critique and show how you're reaching a solution! You'll quickly build trust in your brand.


5. Chatbots and Other Quick Chat Options

If you're facing a small issue with a product, you'd much rather receive a quick answer than listen to a customer service hold tone for 30 minutes. Customers enjoy fast chat options, such as Chatbots. 

Installing a Chatbot on your site will allow customers to receive instant help, and it'll save your customer service team from having to answer dozens of questions throughout the day. Some companies even designate employees to operate chat rooms to provide more personalized, detailed answers throughout the day. 

Keep in mind that a Chatbot isn't a solution to every issue. In the case, your Chatbot can't help, provide contact information on your site. 


6. Improved Aesthetics

Take a while to look over your website, digital ads, and social media posts. Are you able to pick up on consistency in their appearance? Is your marketing team creating appealing imagery?

Improving the overall aesthetic of your digital marketing is crucial, especially when appealing to a younger crowd. Many consumers gravitate towards ads that look appealing before actually investigating the details of the company. 

Study design trends, trending color palettes, and popular fonts. Incorporate these elements into your social media and website design, and you'll notice a quick increase in customer engagement. 


7. Mission-Driven Strategies

People enjoy using products that make them feel good while doing good. Now more than ever, brands are incorporating philanthropy and mission-driven strategies into their digital marketing. 

Many companies are creating initiatives that include donating a product for every 'X' amount of products sold online. They're also turning customer engagement, such as the number of clicks on a video, into donated money.

Do you have a local charity you'd like to support? Vow to donate $1 for every Instagram comment your new post receives in a 24-hour time period. Watch how the locals in your area are eager to get involved. 


Digital Marketing Trends: 7 Trends You Must Try in 2021

We live in a world of smartphones and laptops. To reach the general consumer, invest in digital marketing. Incorporate some of the above digital marketing trends into your marketing strategy for a boost in business. 

Create relatable content that appeals to potential customers. Use live streams and UGC to engage your audience. Develop a mission your customers will support. 

Are you a business located in the Allen or Fairview area? Your local Chamber of Commerce is here to help your business. Check out our website full of resources, and contact us today with any questions.