8 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2023

If you're looking to grow your business this year, there are a few digital marketing tips that you should keep in mind. Here's what you need to know.


One of the most challenging things about promoting a small brand online is that everyone is competing for a slice of the same pie. Given today's crowded digital marketplace, it can be hard to grab the attention of your target audience. Worse, if your business has a small budget for marketing, or if you're new to the world of digital marketing, you may find yourself completely overshadowed by larger businesses.

That's where the right digital marketing tips come in. Promoting your small business with a few key strategies can help you share your brand's story and stand out from the competition. Let's take a look at the tactics that can boost your brand in 2023.


1. Join the Chamber of Commxerce

Consumers prefer doing business with brands they know and trust. That's where the Chamber of Commerce, an organization dedicated to supporting the community and boosting the local economy, can help.

Partnering with your local chamber of commerce can give your brand more credibility with consumers. This translates to a clear leg up over companies that aren't members.

Our memberships also come with many digital marketing features that can help your brand. Depending on your membership level, you'll receive advertising and sponsorship opportunities, a podcast spotlight, a promotional video post on our social media platforms, and even homepage recognition on the chamber website.


2. Publish Helpful Content

Publishing useful content continues to be one of the single best things your brand can do in terms of online marketing. Consumers trust brands that offer them educational and entertaining messaging.

Even more important is the fact that Google itself is scrutinizing the content you post. Thanks to its August 2022 update, the search engine prioritizes brands that focus on "people-first content." In other words, helpful content will always appear toward the top of a user's search results, and that's exactly where you want your brand to appear.

3. Know Where Your Audience Is

No matter where your audience spends most of its time online, it's important for your brand to have a presence wherever they are. With countless social media channels and online communities available, this can become tricky.

To pinpoint your audience's favorite social media sites, you can use a few strategies. Research your customer demographics and the types of sites they use, and consider polling your existing customers for insights. You can also look into the platforms your competitors focus their efforts on.


4. Don't Skip Email Marketing

As you navigate new platforms with social media marketing, don't skip a tried-and-tested strategy: email marketing. If there's one online resource that almost everyone uses, it's the humble email. Even better, email marketing continues to have a massive ROI, pulling in $36 for every $1 spent.

Even better, email marketing helps you deliver all of that helpful content you're posting right into your customers' inboxes.

To make things easier, don't hesitate to use email automation. Various online tools can help you segment and schedule your email blasts. Many also offer analytics to help you track your campaigns' performance in real time.


5. Use Analytics

Speaking of analytics, this marketing guide wouldn't be complete without mentioning them. Digital marketing analytics help you measure how well your campaigns are performing. This can help you learn your audience's behavior, track your revenue, and tweak future campaigns based on the results.

If your brand isn't already using analytics, now is the time to start. For most small brands, insights about traffic sources, pageviews, bounce rates, and conversion rates are crucial.


6. Get Personal

With so many businesses vying for attention online, it's a good idea to personalize your marketing strategy. This can be a challenge for small brands, but there are a few tactics worth trying:

All of these require you to have data about your audience, including well-designed buyer personas. The more information you have, the better your personalization becomes.

7. Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing may seem out of reach for small brands, but that's not always the case. Working with "micro" influencers, or influencers who have a niche audience a local focus, can be a great way to get more brand recognition fast. In some cases, your next influencer may even be a chamber member with a personal brand!

Depending on your needs, influencers may be able to help in a few areas. They can boost your SEO marketing through backlinks, for example, or they can fuel a review campaign to encourage authentic ratings of your brand. They may also offer guest blogging, share your brand's story on their channels, and more.


8. Invest in Visual Marketing

In our increasingly visual online spaces, it's important for brands to keep up. Research suggests that over half of today's consumers want to see more video content from businesses they support.

To that end, find ways to embed helpful or informative videos on your website, social media channels, and emails. Consider creating a YouTube channel for things like tutorials, product reviews, or even tours of your location. Last, try live-streaming promotions and events, which can help you not only showcase your brand but also interact with your audience in real time.


Test These Digital Marketing Tips

No matter the size of your brand, it's time to put these digital marketing tips to the test. The tried-and-tested strategies above can promote your company's offerings while giving your customers more of the helpful solutions they love.

As you work to market your brand online, don't forget that the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce can help. We focus on supporting our local economy and community by promoting local brands, and we'd love to partner with your business. To learn more, check out the member benefits we offer or get in touch with us today.