8 of the Most Profitable Business Ideas For Startups Right Now

There comes a time when we want to stick it to the man and become our own boss. But then we’re faced with an obstacle: creating a profitable business. We have to find something that not only stirs a fire in our bellies but also a financially feasible venture.

Not sure which is the best business to dive into? We’ve got you covered. Here are eight of the most profitable business ideas.

1. Auto Repair

Ever had an important meeting but your car wouldn’t start? So has so many other Americans. Calling up the auto repair company to tow your car and then waiting around eats up a large chunk of your day.

So why not set up a mobile auto repair business? Even though some repair jobs do need an auto shop’s equipment, there are plenty of maintenance services that only need a few tools.

If you’re a skilled mechanic, consider offering oil changes or fluid refills in your client’s driveway or a grocery store’s parking lot.

2. Food Trucks

When brainstorming business ideas, consider serving food without the hassle of restaurant costs. Food trucks have boomed in popularity and have become one of the best-performing segments of the food industry.

Park yourself wherever hungry customers are from local events to farmer markets and wait for the crowd to come in. You can knock ‘em dead with your mom’s secret pie recipe and curate the best menu in town.

Although, food trucks have their own set of business licenses and follow certain safety standards, so keep that in mind before jumping in.

3. Landscaping and Gardening

Owning your own business is a liberating feeling especially when there is a gap in the market. Landscaping and gardening are versatile as you can beautify residential homes to golf courses depending on your expertise.

Customers want fertilizer treatments, planting and people to mow their lawn. It’s another great mobile business, so you are guaranteed job security. The cost to start up a landscaping company is minute as there is no rent and all your investment goes into landscaping equipment.

And when the weather turns, offer salting services and to plow so you can run a year-round operation.

4. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Running a profitable business stems from maximizing your skillset. Every small business needs help with money management so why not put your QuickBooks magic to the test?

You can process invoices and payroll, help with tax preparation and generate balance sheets. This is perfect if you are a detailed-orientated person.

5. Personal Trainers

Successfully run businesses stem from passion. The fitness industry is booming so why take advantage of it? You don’t have to stay in a corporate gym, just throw some yoga mats or weights in the trunk of your car, rent a space, and teach your own class. In the beginning, you can even teach group classes in the park.

The increased awareness of sustaining a balanced diet alongside exercise means you can offer a one-on-one session as a trainer and guide your clients on their own fitness journey.

Another option is by helping companies who need personal trainers for their staff. Try asking corporates in your area especially as high-profile individuals invest in personal trainers.

6. Pet Handling Service

Before Googling “how to run a profitable business,” remember to do what you love. If you are an animal lover, then a pet handling service is for you.

With the rise of animal activists and awareness, pet owners are more likely to hire help rather than leave their animals alone for the weekend.  You can offer to feed, walk, train, and look after their pets.

But ensure you have the right certificates as many pet owners will request to see it before agreeing to the services. Another way to make a large profit is by providing shelter for pets while pet owners go away. You can charge them each night or even go to their home to take care of the pets.

You can start with a website, marketing material, and a mobile truck. Be sure to spread the word about your pet handling service and you’ll be guaranteed a reply.

7. Graphic Design

Your business could be helping others establish theirs. Graphic designers help companies create a brand identity through logos, websites, and brochures.

You can either pursue formal study to get a leeway into the industry. Even if you don't do a 3-year course, there are many short, intensive courses so you can cover the basics in Graphic Design.

If you are great at Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign then put your skills to the test. You can find many freelance gigs on sites like Fiverr and Upwork and charge clients an hourly rate.

8. Copywriting

Never thought you could make a living as a writer? Think again.

64% of B2B marketers outsource their copy needs as copywriting continues to be valuable to companies. Copywriters create advertising and marketing materials, such as social media ads, blog posts, and website copy.

If you have a flair with words and a drive to produce high-quality content, consider copywriting. Not only can it be lucrative but most copywriters have the freedom to work from home.

Which of These Profitable Businesses is For You?

When you're brainstorming which profitable business to embark on, decide where your talents lie. Whether you're creative to a whiz at numbers, there are many ways you can monetize your skills and become your own boss. Good luck!

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