Chamber of Commerce Week in Texas

To help celebrate the work of chambers of commerce throughout Texas and to recognize Chamber of Commerce Week in Texas, four Collin County chambers will come together for a joint “Business After Hours” event, to be held at Valliance Bank, 5900 S. Lake Forest Dr. in McKinney at 5:30 PM on October 19, 2017. The four chambers include the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce, Frisco Chamber of Commerce, McKinney Chamber of Commerce, and Plano Chamber of Commerce. Texas Chamber of Commerce Week (October 16 -20, 2017) is a celebration of the contributions and dedication of chambers of commerce and the professional staff that serve them. Many think of chambers as entities that have ribbon cuttings and groundbreaking ceremonies but are not aware of the unseen work of the local chambers. Chambers work with the education system and local colleges to ensure an educated workforce. Many operate programs for teaching entrepreneurship to students as well as have leadership programs for those that live and work in their respective cities. Chambers advocate at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure a healthy business climate. And as recently witnessed, chambers of commerce act as a resource or “ground zero” in times of disaster. At the joint Business After Hours, each of the four Chamber Presidents or CEOs will speak briefly addressing specific areas of importance for chambers of commerce. These four topics are: Community, Advocacy, Connections, and Prosperity. The Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce will discuss the importance of Community. “Chambers help build and, in the case of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey, rebuild. A perfect example is the Rockport Fulton Chamber. Rockport was nearly leveled but every day I see another Facebook post about businesses that are opened and/or re-opened following this monumental event. And North Texas Chambers are stepping up, along with others across the state, to assist those chambers who are often overlooked in recovery efforts by adopting a chamber and/or making financial contributions,” shares Sharon Mayer, CEO of the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce. The Allen Fairview Chamber has adopted the Greater Angleton Chamber and is working with the CEO, Beth Journeay, to identify needs of the chamber and within the business community. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce will discuss the importance of Advocacy. “As advocates for our business community, we are problem solvers! This applies to this part of North Texas as well as our neighbors in southeast Texas affected by Harvey,” said Tony Felker, President/CEO of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce adopted the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce. “We were so impressed by this chamber’s quick response to act as a resource for their flooded community. Their website and social media accounts were updated during the storm and they immediately began calling businesses to assess their needs.” The Houston Northwest Chamber immediately began raising funds through their foundation to give businesses grants for immediate needs. The McKinney Chamber of Commerce will address the importance of Connections. “It’s all about connections. Whether it’s connecting businesses to potential customers or connecting them to resources and information they need to grow their companies, Chambers are uniquely able to be the center of our communities. Through quality programming we can bring together businesses, large and small, as well as key community stakeholders, elected officials, nonprofits and civic organizations. While networking is typically the word people think of when they think of Chambers, it goes beyond that. It’s about making meaningful connections and building relationships that will help our businesses prosper and our communities thrive,” shares Lisa Hermes, President of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. Lastly, the Plano Chamber of Commerce will address Prosperity. “Chambers are in the business of promoting strong and prosperous business environments throughout the communities we serve. Through positive economic policies, advocating for job creation, and providing valuable resources for our members, we are fostering prosperity and economic stability,” said Jamee Jolly, President/CEO of the Plano Chamber of Commerce. The Plano Chamber just recently adopted the Dickinson Chamber of Commerce. They are now working to identify their short-term and long-term needs. “We look to support not just the chamber, but also to see how we might best assist the business community in Dickinson, one of the hardest hit areas.” Registration is free to chamber members through their prospective chambers websites: Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce at; Frisco Chamber of Commerce at; McKinney Chamber of Commerce at; and the Plano Chamber of Commerce at