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Building relationships to enable our members to prosper!

Welcome to the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce Webpage. The Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association that strives to be an indispensable resource for Allen and Collin County businesses.
In our 20+ years of membership, the leadership team is incredibly supportive of our restaurant businesses within this chamber. We love all the work they do to invest back into our community and will always value the relationships we’ve formed over the years!
– Johnathan M. Tebeau, Mexi-Go
Friday, 9:30am
DEI Committee Meeting
The mission of the DEI Task Force is to educate, recognize, collaborate with and provide resources and programming to all segments of our membership
Tuesday, 7:30am
Coffee & Connections! Spotlight on Grace Intel!
Tuesday, 11:30am
Ribbon Cutting - Hashtag Fine Jewelers
Please join us for a Ribbon Cutting to Celebrate a New Member!
Wednesday, 4:30pm
Ribbon Cutting - RescueMD
Please join us for a Ribbon Cutting Celebration!

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