5 Amazing Ways Online Shoppers Reviews Can Help Business Grow

Does your business have a place where your customers can leave reviews? If you aren't already letting your customers leave reviews, you should. Shoppers reviews can help you to gain profits, encouraging people to add your products to their cart. 

Make sure your taking advantage of shopper reviews, and keep reading to learn more about how they can help grow your business. 


1. Builds Brand Loyalty 

A great way to up your profit is to build brand loyalty or trust behind your company and it's products or services. Customer reviews can help you do this by keeping up a place where there are consistent customer reviews. Letting your customers leave reviews lets new customers see that you believe in your product and your customers are free to leave concerns if any. 

Having your customers engaging in a conversation about your products, and describing their experiences can help to build your companies online identity and community. While you can rave about your products to customers, positive reviews from shoppers like themselves are much more authentic. 


2. Social Proof Boosts Profits 

Your customers are much more likely to make a purchase with you if other people, even total strangers, agree that your product is great. Online reviews are an easy and simple way to highlight social proofs directly on your site. To make sure your site is getting reviews, considering emailing customers after they've received their purchase.

Check in with them on how they're enjoying your product, and incentivize them to leave a review. You can do this by giving them a discount on their next purchase, which will also increase their chances of shopping with you again. You can do this by using automated email software or service. 

Many customers find that online reviews are an essential part of their decision-making process when shopping. Online reviews are like your online version of word of mouth marketing. 


3. Get Them Talking 

By encouraging your customers to leave reviews, you are encouraging them to be a part of the conversation. If your customers have great experiences with your products or services, they are more likely to leave you reviews on other sites, like Yelp. This is a great way to expand your brand's reach. 

This can also increase your ranking on Google. Google collects data to build your ranking. Having a better ranking on search engines can help potential customers more easily access your site, purchasing with you versus a competitor. 

Increasing your multi-channel footprint online can help you grow your customer base by expanding your exposure. 


4. The Space to Engage 

It's important to remember that the conversation occurring in reviews is not a one-way street. With engagement becoming more important than ever, it's vital that you are engaging with customers by responding to reviews. Show that you care by interacting with customers that have taken the time to leave a review. 

Reinforce positive reviews by telling a customer thank you, or that your glad they are enjoying your product. You can also suggest a similar product they might find useful. You will also want to address negative reviews.  

Make sure that with negative reviews, you offer support to unhappy customers. Make sure that you create an environment that reflects that you're open to feedback. Try offering solutions to unhappy customers so that they will give your company another shot. 

Add personality to your reviews with a tone that is line with your brand identity. Make sure that you are promptly responding to reviews to keep up your consistency. Using customer's names when responding to them is a great way to personalize your message and make it more friendly. 

By responding to reviews, you can show that you care about your customers have to say, while giving more personality to your brand. 


5. Free Marketing 

You can also use your reviews as free marketing for your company. Use reviews to make professional graphics that you can display on the homepage of your site, or post to your social media platforms. Take one great review that does a great job of highlighting the strengths of your brand, and make it into promotional content for your brand. 

If your company doesn't have a content creator or graphic designer on hand, there are other easy ways to develop your good reviews into marketing tools. For example, the Google My Business Marketing Kit will let you create your own Google review stickers. You can create, download, and print these stickers on this site without any design experience. 

Take reviews straight from Google, and make them into ready to use social posts, posters, stickers, and more. This is a great way to concisely build authority behind your brand. Google will put an approval stamp on your sticker, and you can also include your overall Google star rating on this sticker. 


Use Shoppers Reviews to Grow Your Business 

If your thinking of new ways to grow your company this year think digitally. By using shoppers reviews to promote your brand you can build trust behind your brand and grow your customer reach.

This is an easy and free way to get people talking about your brand, and doing the promotional work for you. If you're not doing so already, make sure you integrate a review section on your site. Make a plan to respond to reviews and to make sure you're keeping up with your reviews on other platforms as well. 

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