Why Is Video Marketing Important for Small Businesses

Are you struggling to reach and engage your target audience? Consider updating your content marketing strategy this year. Content marketing is three times more efficient for lead generation than outbound marketing. 

Videos are now one of the top three forms of content you can add to your content marketing strategy. In fact, about 92% of consumer website traffic is generated through video content.

About 64% of marketers plan on increasing video marketing efforts as a result.

On the fence about adding video content marketing to your overall marketing strategy this year? Here are eight reasons you should give it serious thought. After reviewing the benefits of video content marketing, you can make a more informed decision.

Video content could give your business the boost it needs to get ahead of the competition this year.

Read on to discover the amazing benefits of adding videos to your content marketing strategy today. 


1. Generate Brand Awareness

It can take over five impressions in front of a customer before they start to remember your business. Meanwhile, about 59% of shoppers prefer buying from familiar brands. If people don't recognize your business, they might choose another brand instead.

You can use video marketing to help people become more aware of who you are and what you can offer. With each video they watch, people will become more aware you exist. They might have an easier time remembering your brand in the future as a result.

With each video they watch, brand awareness might even turn into recognition, too.

By producing regular video content, you can remain top-of-mind with potential customers. The next time they need your product or service, they'll recall watching your videos.

Then, they'll visit your website directly instead of researching similar businesses online.

Using video content to remain top-of-mind could give you a competitive advantage. Consumers will think of your business before any other.

Once consumers start shopping from your brand, you can start retaining repeat, loyal customers. A loyal customer is worth 10 single-purchase shoppers. Boosting your retention rate by 2% could cut costs by 10%, too.

Generating brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty could improve your ROI. You could set your business up for long-term success as a result. 


2. Keep Customers Engaged

Consider working with a video marketing agency this year. They can help you develop different videos to engage your target audience. For example, you might create videos to:

Different videos can engage consumers in different ways. 

Consumers want to see more video content, too. In fact, about 54% of consumers want to see more videos from brands they love. About 64% of consumers purchase a product after watching branded videos, too. 

You can use video marketing as a component of different marketing strategies. 

For example, you can optimize your video content for search engine optimization (SEO). You can also produce live or recorded videos for social media. Live Q&A sessions will allow you to engage customers in real-time.

Consider using email marketing for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and email marketing, too. You can add a call-to-action to the end of a video to encourage specific actions.

Then, you can direct people to contact you, shop, or subscribe for more videos in the future. 


3. Establish Your Credibility

Consumers want to shop from brands they know and trust. You can use video content marketing to establish your experience and expertise. Consumers will start to rely on your video content when they need answers to their questions.

In time, they'll learn to rely on you for the answers they seek.

You can use video marketing for businesses to establish yourself as a credible thought leader in the industry. In time, brand trust will grow. Generating brand trust can lead to brand loyalty.

Retaining loyal customers will allow you to generate repeat sales. Your ROI will improve as a result. Then, you can continue expanding your reach and growing your business. 


4. Reach Mobile Users

About 97% of Americans now own a cell phone of some kind. In fact, about 15% of Americans are smartphone-only internet users. If you're not creating content that appeals to on-the-go users, you're not reaching customers.

Video content is easy to consume. People can access videos whether they're on their commute, lunch break, or in bed. You can reach more customers through video content marketing. 


5. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can boost where your website ranks on search engines like Google. Higher rankings will help you generate more website traffic and brand awareness. Ranking ahead of competitors can boost your brand's credibility, too.

Google now displays video content as featured snippets. Featured snippets appear ahead of other websites. They appear as summaries, bulleted lists, and videos.

Creating more video content could help you rank for featured snippets. You could have an easier time ranking ahead of competitors as a result. 


6. Simplify Complex Concepts

Trying to explain a complex concept over a long blog post can make it more difficult for people to understand. Instead, consider using video marketing. You can use videos to make sure a concept is easy to digest and comprehend.

Instead of confusing customers, you can help them understand and find the answers they need.


7. Encourage Social Sharing

People love sharing video content with their inner circle. Encouraging social sharing could help your videos go viral.

You could reach even more customers online as a result. 


8. Boost Leads and Sales

Consider working with an experienced video marketing agency to create a stunning production. Eye-catching videos can help you generate brand trust and loyalty. You could have an easier time encouraging people to shop from your store as a result. 

As you generate more leads and sales, your ROI will improve. Then, you can start growing your business with ease. 


Lights, Camera, Action: 8 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

It's time to start rolling! Consider these benefits of video marketing before developing your content marketing strategy this year. Working with a talented video marketing agency could help give your business the boost it needs.

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