JAN 22
Friday 8:30am - 9:30am

Senior Service Alliance

Speaker: Terah Hatter, LMSW with Texas Health Behavioral Health
Topic: Utilizing Resiliency after the Slump of 2020 - how Covid-19 has impacted seniors and active ways to move forward into 2021 with resilience.

Allen & Fairview, Texas sit right outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and both are multi-generational communities with an ever-increasing senior population. This increase necessitates and welcomes active living communities, retiree apartment complexes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. In order to provide information and support to this demographic, the Senior Services Coalition is made up of member businesses that offer support services, senior discounts, transportation and living accommodations. The purpose is to showcase and educate services and goods available to all seniors and their families within our communities in hopes of making their lives easier to navigate and find trustworthy resources when needed.

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