Lab Mentor - iCode Allen/Fairview

November 30, 2018
Position Overview
The Lab Mentors main objective is to organize the labs and provide assistance to students while working
on class projects or lab hours. This position is held by high school and college students that can guide
and teach students developing programming projects. This position requires learning new programming
languages and IT concepts on the spot and helping students to be successful coding.
Key Responsibilities
? Lab Mentors ensure that all lab equipment is working, and lab is in a clean and organized
? Lab Mentors report any glitches they encounter in the system or equipment that is not functioning
? Lab Mentors need to ensure students are in their stations while in classrooms.
? The Lab Mentor provides basic guidance and explanations about the concepts being explained in
the lecture.
? Lab Mentors provide weekly reports and feedback about students’ progress in the lab and system
? Lab Mentors assist students in completing all exercises before the class finishes.
? Lab Mentor reports that a student has not completed exercises to the instructor and assists with
scheduling lab hours to complete the work.
? Lab Mentors check all equipment to make sure students return everything in the same condition
as they received it.


  1. Positive attitude, outgoing and excellent people skills.

  2. Ability to organize the productive flow of a classroom.

  3. Ability to work with students ranging from K-12.

  4. Dependable and flexible to work evenings and weekends.

  5. Good written and verbal communication skills.

  6. Strong problem–solving and analytical skills.

  7. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

  8. Ability to establish priorities and meet strict deadlines.

  9. Being able to perform well under pressure.

  10. Strong knowledge of the Apple computers, devices and operating systems.

  11. Experience using GameMaker and Unity is desirable.

  12. Experience programming in Java and Python is a plus.

  13. Knowledge of C++ is a plus.

  14. Experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a plus.


Fairview Town Center


Camesha McFowland
494-238-0144 X. 1000