Sales and Marketing Manager - SERVPRO of Allen

April 24, 2019
Primary Role: Manage the Franchise marketing team and all sales and marketing initiatives. Develop and implement an annual marketing plan, which promotes Franchise services and develops a diverse customer base. Train and coach a professional marketing team capable of achieving annual sales revenues goals. Manage and improve customer satisfaction, including the resolution of any customer complaints.

Results Expected: The annual marketing plan is effectively executed, resulting in the achievement of annual sales revenue goals, building of Brand awareness, an increase in new customers, and expansion of diverse markets. The Franchise marketing team is competent and effective in their sales and marketing efforts. Customer expectations are met or exceeded. All customer complaints are resolved quickly to the satisfaction of the customer.

1.Executive: Customer Satisfaction

a.Monitor, communicate, and respond to customer needs.

b.Manage communication with centers of influence (COIs).

2.Executive: Resolution of Escalating Customer Concerns

a.Monitor customer feedback and resolve customer complaints.

3.Marketing: Marketing Operations

a.Complete annual marketing needs assessment.

b.Identify revenue, collection, and activity goals; compare past and projected revenues to marketing goals; and establish goals for revenue and activities.

c.Develop initiatives and budget.

d.Create annual marketing plan.

e.Review and approve expense reports submitted by marketing rep.

f.Monitor assigned COIs relationships to coordinate earned commission payments related to paid jobs.

g.Meet or exceed assigned activity goals.

h.Assign activities to staff.

i.Meet or exceed assigned revenue goals.

j.Manage master contact list.

k.Train and develop sales and marketing staff.

l.Monitor and coach sales activities.

m.Monitor and coach marketing activities.

n.Supervise marketing administrative tasks.

o.Provide marketing materials.

p.Evaluate sales and marketing staff performance.

q.Recruit and hire sales and marketing staff.

4.Marketing: Technology

a.Coordinate Franchise website maintenance.

5.Marketing: Professional and Personal Development

a.Continue professional development of SERVPRO®specific skills and expertise in marketing services.

6.Executive: Professional and Personal Development

a.Continue professional and personal development of management, teambuilding, and leadership skills.

7.Executive: Safety and Risk Management

a.Attend safety training, as appropriate.

b.Understand and follow safety and risk management guidelines on the jobsite, in the office, and while traveling.

c.Make sure Marketing team employees follow safety and risk management guidelines on the jobsite, in the office, and while traveling.

8.Additional: Other Duties, as Assigned

a.Take ownership of Roles and Responsibilities.

b.Handle recurring and unique tasks, as necessary.

The signing of this job description acknowledges a clear understanding of the responsibilities of this position.Please note that as business needs change you may be asked to assist with other tasks or duties. Any area not understood should be clarified before signing to ensure you understand what is expected.

Possess a valid drivers license

Able to pass a criminal background check

Ability to work in a high energy envrionment



our offices are currently in Rowlett however there is a possibility of getting office space in Allen. There are also possibilities of working from home part of the time.


John Longacre