EBA Automotive: A-Level Auto Repair Technician - EBA Automotive Repair

March 23, 2021

We are expanding and we are looking for an A-Level Auto Repair Technician to potentially make 40-50 hrs a week

The following includes but does not limit the responsibilities of the position:

* Follow Dress code Policy,

* Arrive before Open time,

* Assist in the execution of Day Start Procedures,

* Upon receiving assigned jobs: Perform the overall inspection of the vehicle,

* Diagnose the problem the customer states or carry out the service the customer requests,

* Provide Service Writer with a COMPLETE AND DETAILED list of ALL required parts and labor time to perform the repairs.

* Upon receiving the authorized repair: Execute authorized work

* After each repair perform and/or assist G.S. on area cleaning for the next vehicle


5843 Curtis Rd #500, 75002


(972) 833-7324