Chamber Board Votes to Support Changes to City's Charter

The mission of the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce is to advocate, educate and build relationships that enable our communities and members to prosper.

As a business association, our main objective is to promote the common interests of the business community. Businesses choose Allen for many reasons including a business-friendly environment, a great educational system, stable government, consistency in leadership and a progressive vision for the future. Allen has prospered under such leadership. In addition, experience and respect are qualities that regional boards and commissions consider when looking for candidates to serve.

The recently enacted Allen term limits (2019) went from none, to the most restrictive in Texas which we feel is an over-reaction and is not in line with the best interests of the community. The newly proposed Term Limit modifications are very much in line with other cities in the area and will moderately support the balance of experience, seniority, and stability in Allen government. These proposed changes to the City Charter will still set limits on the number of consecutive terms allowed; a total of three (3) three-year terms and a waiting period of one election year before eligible to seek a maximum of two (2) three-year terms, extending the lifetime limit to 18 years. These are very much in line with our neighboring cities.

The work of the Mayor or Councilmember is much broader and much more complicated. The current term limits will result in less experienced city leadership with many still learning the process. City Council members do much more than attend two meetings a month. They serve on local, metroplex and state boards and commissions many of which provide significant grants and funding to the City of Allen for roads, utilities, fire and police equipment and other services/amenities that we all enjoy. It takes time to understand these organizations and be in a position to obtain funding for the City of Allen, something that does not happen with short term limits. Allen with shorter term limits than Plano, McKinney and Frisco will always have a less experienced team leading the City and competing against those cities for the same source of funding.

The Board of Directors of the Allen Fairview Chamber support Proposition A & B in our belief that these changes would allow for the continuity and stability that has resulted in the quality growth that Allen has seen over the past two or more decades. Our support of these propositions would balance experience with other neighboring cities enabling Allen to have a larger voice on county and regional boards.

If you would like more information, we are happy to send you a copy of the PowerPoint presentation that provides additional information.  Simply request a copy by email